Website from scratch – No Coding Required – Part 1

buying your domain step 1

Buying the domain

Things needed:

1. Credit Card / Debit Card w/ $12 or so available

2. Google Account

We will start by buying the domain. Each step will have an image below it if needed, and at the bottom of this post, all the images in a gallery slider.

1. First head over to Google domains by going to

2. Now, we will search for a domain by clicking on manage my domains area below (You need to be signed into your Google account)

google domains 1

3. Once you click there, unless you have domains already purchased, your screen should look like this, and this screen is where we will buy our domain today.

google domains 2

4. Now, we choose our domain, and we checkout!

google domains 3

google domains 4

Once that’s completed, you should be brought back to the home screen of (if not, just click it to the left, you’ll see your new domain in the dashboard). As you can see I have a few.

5. So now, we will need to make a few small changes, and we will never have to come back here ever again, unless we did not choose AUTO RENEW, then you will need to come back every year to renew.

google domains 5

Click the icon here, and it will bring you to the following screen. This screen allows us to assign the domain to the hosting package we will be setting up in the next step.

google domains 6

You’ll be changing the ‘name servers’ to:

And once you save that, you are DONE with the domain, probably for at least a year. 🙂

Continue to part 2.



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