Playing Resident Evil 5 on PC in 2022 (Fixes)

Resident Evil 5 wasn’t considered the best by any means when it comes to the fanbase of Resident Evil. Coming off of the long wait after 4, the now much more realistic looking Resident Evil 5 came out to little fanfare. However, I still love the game, and I think others should be able to play on Windows 11 like me, or Windows 10, if you’re the majority.

RE5 Steam Windows 10 11

Game fixes:

First of all, installing through Steam, you probably get the PLAY button, but the game crashes before even opening. This is because you need Games for Windows Live, a service no longer offered by Microsoft, but we only need the base installed, not the actual service.

Games for Windows Live Setup file

Download, extract, and double click the gfwlsetup, and gfwlclient files, in that order.

ALSO, there is a part in Stage 6-1, where there may be an enemy who drops a keycard when your partner is trapped. If this enemy doesn’t spawn to drop the Crane Keycard you will need to download this file:

Resident Evil 5 Chapter 6-1 Fix

Copy the nativePC_MT folder over to the game directory (found in program files (x86) > steam > steamapps > common > RE5

It will overwrite some files, and that’s how you know it worked.

That’s it! Now Resident Evil 5 will run on even the newest of PCs. I personally tested on a laptop with a 5900 AMD CPU, and an RTX 3080 GPU, so I know components from 2021/2022 work, and will update this guide if it’s ever needed.