Smart Contracts

I am a fully proficient smart contract creator, who can make custom contracts that do almost anything in Solidity.

I have the full expert level ability to make any type of smart contract. NFT Staking, NFT passive income, NFT tokens for value, tickets etc.

I can also write token structure and custom Blockchain data. I can work with you to enhance the Ethereum/ Polygon network.

If you’re looking to make NFTs, if you’re looking to make the next Bitcoin, if you’re looking to make an Ethereum token that ties into the metaverse and your own custom video game with it’s own world, currency, 3D modelled landscapes, and social interaction, I’m your guy.

Example: all coins are tied to Bitcoin. This coin aims to change that. But if you wanted, you could do better.

Tell me what you think: (it’s short)

If you want to create ANYTHING related to web 3.0, you’re here. Just contact mecontact me.

  • Blockchain add ons like Ethereum tokens
  • Blockchain of YOUR OWN, from SCRATCH
  • Coin of your own
  • Token of your own
  • Custom NFT collection*
  • Custom Websites to go with your new stuff
  • Custom everything to your specifications
  • Passive income guaranteed
  • You get 100 million of your own coin for free. If it gets to 1ยข you will have a million dollars
  • APECOIN is a GENERIC token with NO SPECIAL STATS and is $15 each, you’d have 1.5 billion dollars if your coin was better (it is)
  • Custom LLC with business contract both signed and on the blockchain!
  • Your own metaverse, selling 1×1 squares of land like for $50,000 a square
  • You’re own airdrops
  • Your own pro level discord
  • Social media taken care of
  • 800 number
  • No rug pull fears from customers because we are a REAL COMPANY licensed out of your state
  • Custom Games for metaverse or website or nfts or tokens or all
  • Your own Casino in the metaverse so you can make your money with gambling
  • Your own SERVER if Facebook or Sandbox doesn’t want your casino in their metaverse, you can make your own and people can connect and play
  • Custom avatars and customization of profiles of your users
  • Automated billing
  • Tax automation
  • Much much more!!

* I built a 10,000 piece NFT collection by hand, with my own custom Smart contract. Fully uploaded and all done from scratch in 3 days. I did the art, the smart contract, the uploading, everything.

You can see for yourself I did out of BOREDOM what the Bored Ape Yacht Club did for billions.

Speaking of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, I have custom artists. Ever seen anything like this?

  1. Bored Ape Death Club

Why worry about copyright infringement when you can have someone completely redraw it from my team?

I have every single base covered and all I’m waiting on is people who are like-minded and want to make money instead of working for it.

I’ve got the skill. You’ve got the time, and ideas, and investment. Let’s make it real.

Sean Fx