– Custom built personal computers

– Custom built servers, NAS boxes, off-site server setup

– Proficiency in Linux Debian / RHEL and Windows 98-11. Also macOS as well, but it’s rarely used unless field deployment.

– Debugging, hardware firewalls, PCI Compliance, State of the art US military level encryption communication services

– Capable of handling radar lidar, and any radio equipment from the mid fifties up until today.

– Raspberry Pi specialist who can create everything from retro gaming systems to timed motion sensing camera equipment.


– Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Development, SEO, SEM, etc

– Google Ads, Bing, Extended SEO,

– Web Panel proficiency, LAMP, LEMP, REDIS, SASS, Docker, and more.

– WHMCS, Woocommerce, Shopify, multi user login hosting.

– Blockchain Development, Web 3.0 Smart Contracts, Can work with any chain, expert programmer in Solidity

– ERC Token creation, metaverse programming, AI training modules, bot programming

– C, C++, Python, Curl, Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, React.js, SASS, Ruby, Solidity, Swift/Objective-C

– Viral marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Forced internet placement, false news top story, blog publishing, news editorial management, and more.

New Web 3.0

– NFT creation, graphic design, layer art, Hashlips program generator, baseuri metadata carryover, IPFS, on site minting, wallet restricted NFT content, superceding smart contracts, ERC Token launch, governor contracts, dApps, Web 3.0 wallet linking and much more.

– I can create, combine, launch, mint, stake, and control an entire NFT collection in a matter of days.

– I could begin work on a multifaceted beautiful metaverse platform! (Soon)


This is barely a list of all of my abilities, but it gives you an idea of how involved with technology I am, and I do stay up to date with everything related to technology, from the newest TVs, to the power of the newest PlayStation, and it’s profitability ratings.

I am freelance worker and I am very diligent in my work and have many references. They are available upon request.