Retroid Pocket 3

Retroid Pocket 3 review, comparison to Retroid Pocket 2+

After using the Retroid 3, I can create a fair, and unbiased review of the Retroid 3.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Retroid 1, and 2, were about as fast as needed to play Sega, NES, SNES, and Game Boy, and maybe a few others like GBA. With the release of the 2+ ($99) the ability to play PSP, Gamecube, PS2, and other newer consoles (especially full PS1 Support).

Abernic (They have devices ranging from $100-400 and the most powerful runs Windows 10 off of an nVME m2. SSD

, Odin, and many others exist, but in terms of fully featured, Google’s Android is still a fully functioning OS which when AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is used, it makes for a great time with the device.


  • $99 Retroid 2+
  • $129 Retroid 3 (3GB, there’s a 2GB model, we do not recommend)
  • Just released, so you’ve got a year at least before the Retroid 4, which will have native support for PS2, and Gamecube, as both are lacking on the 3
  • The devices both feel great, and just one will last the whole trip to North Carolina by car. Easily getting 8-20 hours depending on game, and use
  • Extra parts / controls / tools included, and very easy to open, and change


  • SAME INTERNALS (except an optional, and recommended bump in RAM)
  • Android 11 upgrade was needed, but more customization would be nice
  • Still sloppy to configure, and RetroArch basically dominates Android
  • No set backup software, so tranferring data from one device to the next is a pain, so I have to start over on the 3.
  • Still no full PS2 support, despite PCs running PS2 without a video card since 2014.
  • The RP2+ is MOST LIKELY getting the same update to Android 11, as they already did 8.1 to 9, and now 10 would give it internal audio recording feature.

Here comes the Retroid 3.

First we were hearing promises about a superior console, and let me say this, the new screen is widescreen, ruining the 4:3 aspect ALL games used from 1989-2004. So why Widescreen? Well with the newer Android, and the 3 GB of RAM, you can now stream PC games directly to the device (remember, it is a phone, it just happens to have controls, and only Wifi (they should release SIM version as well, but they want it to be retro, despite Netplay AND Retro Achievements both being available, which begs for at LEAST a basic 4G connection.

Retroid Pocket 3The thumbsticks are now true thumbsticks, before it was a good one, and a SLIDER stick, and now both can be clicked in for R3/L3

Screen, although no longer retro, is incredible. Device build is fantastic, and they give you extras in the box you’ll never see anywhere else.

If you need a ton of power, look for the Odin Pro ($350) or even Odin Lite ($200) to be able to run PS2, GC, and newer systems on your device.

No games included, but for $25 you can get a SANDISK ULTRA 256 GB which will hold 100 PS1 games, and every game for N64, NES, SNES, Genesis, 32x, and GB, GBC, and GBA etc

And still have memory for movies, music, as both have an included headphone jack.

Final Thoughts (use RP2+ for 4:3 Nostalgia in FFVII and BOF III, and use the 3 for some old, and a lot of new! But still old 😉

I personally use the Retroid 2 for games I NEED in the correct format, and the Retroid 3 to stream PC to handheld on Android very, very well. People get so mad at my kills, and you can even play Android apps like COD Android, and  you will destroy people using a touchscreen when you have 16+ buttons.

If you need the retro feel, get the 2+, and if you need newer Android or don’t mind black bars, stretching, etc, or need the minor upgrades, and better screen, go for the 3, but get the 3 GB one, as it plays much smoother especially for streams.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Taking 1 star only because it could have had upgraded internals.

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