Reputation Management / Negative Link Removal / Google / Yelp Reviews

Google remove negative linksOften, we find negative links or reviews we need REMOVED on top of page 1 that are unfavorable to us or our business.

From arrest reports, to reviews, people can PERMANENTLY harm your business or person online, and damage your Reputation online. Simply, as most put it, there is nothing you can do.

Sure, you can create a new website, SEO it, get some social media going, and maybe get the links a little tangled up, but if something is still on page 1, chances are it’s getting seen more times than not.

Reputation Management Services

I offer actual Reputation Management, you’re not limited to the solutions offered by Guaranteed Removals, Reputation Defender,, and ICMediaDirect.

I offer COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the links that bother you, and you never have to worry about them coming back, or being on page 2, because they will be gone, and not suppressed. Suppression is a great tactic, it works well to keep the first few links in Google looking sharp enough to possibly draw 40% of the people searching you or your business online directly to a positive link, but it does not address the issue of the other 60%.

This can cost you your job, your love life, family relationships, and can be embarassing to prospective clients or friends.

This is why I offer complete Google / Bing / Yahoo / Search Engine Removal of the following negative / bad links:

  • Arrest Reports
  • News Articles
  • Local Journalism
  • Bad Reviews
  • Google, Yelp, RipOff Report Reviews and Content
  • Public Data sites like Intelius
  • Data collection sites like MyLife
  • Content that isn’t even your business or infringes on your trademark

And much more. Any link, anywhere, can be removed with the right tools. I have over 10 years experience as a webmaster, and I provide link removal services to all of the world, no matter what the link is.

Suppression services can be provided as well, pushing negative links to page 2, and leaving up to 90% of your viewers to never see them.

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