Website – Custom Built – COMPLETE from scratch


$2,999.95 $1,899.95

If you’re looking to get online and you have no idea where to start you’ve come to the right place. I can get you up and running and take care of you for a full year. Let’s talk options.



EVERYTHING you need to get started. From scratch.

If you currently have NO web presence whatsoever, I can create one that will bring you customers, in less than ONE WEEK. You need zero knowledge or technical skills to order and use your new website, and I’ll walk you through the basics if you did decide to poke around. 🙂

Website, email, SSL, custom login for admin, airtight security, and much more. This is a complete online package.

Recurring price after I finish is only $7 a month per website for life. That’s $84 a year, or basically less than you spend on coffee. You own your own domain name (.com etc) as well as your own private server, for $7 a month.

What you get:

  • A website with full features to match you or your business
  • Up to 25 emails of your choice (
  • SSL certificate installed and configured for auto updates to ensure tight security
  • A custom logo
  • Integration with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more!
  • Custom Facebook, Twitter, Ad Campaigns and more!
  • Your business listed in over 1000 directories
  • 1 year of support
  • OPTIONAL FREE WEBSITE ADD ONS: E-commerce, Blog, Forum, and MANY more!

EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS INCLUDED IN THE ONE TIME FEE! Then you’ll be responsible for $6 a month from and $12 a year from (Google sells and hosts domain names, including my own

Whether you own a pizza place or want to sell pillowcases online, I can have your store / blog / personal forum running in a matter of minutes. My fee is one time only and comes with ONE FULL YEAR of support.

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