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IC MEDIA DIRECT REVIEW 2021I needed some help with dealing with some negative review in Google, and I had heard about ICMediaDIrect. About 5 years ago, I hired them to help me handle it, and they have not only ruined the work I had put it, but they did weird, unnecessary things like submitting weird Google forms it looks like to trick Google into thinking something else (which works, but I don’t do it, I am better than that. So I gave them about 6 months before I collected my data, and I can safely say I paid over $10,000 for the service that proHow-to-Remove-Google-Reviews-–-Is-it-Possible_-Copy@3x-2048x1195vided little to no help with my situation.

Founded in what looks to be 2002 if the domain registration is any sign of it. They look very professional, the video is custom, and the pricing is indicative of having the skills of someone or a group of people who are serious about getting links in Google “removed’ so to speak.

Even further so, they say they DO NOT remove links, and that’s because anyone who DOES remove links, is LYING. Google rule  #22 : IF it’s the the internet, we can index if, and if you want it down, take it off the internet. Otherwise fuck off.

Aanyway, I was elated to see they offered a service to help me with Google ad after speaking with them. They did not help, and cost me a lot.

Also, I don’t think they knew they were dealing with a Slackware age hacker, from back when we were bored enough to hack ANYTHING with fear of going to jail, in 1998-2003.remove-bad-google-reviews

I hired them again, much more than $10,000 this time, and they were to remove 2 links at the tippity top, and move them off of page 1.

6 months, and over $20,000 later, I can safely say this company is worth 1 out of 5 stars. Some technical expertise, but not much. This is why I want people to compare my competitors. I am obviously advertising a bit here, but let’s be honest. I’ll find some company, and keep evaluating their skills, so you don’t have to.


Disclaimer I cannot be paid for good or bad reviews, this is a hobby I started when I realized people needed it. 🙂

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