First post. Let’s Google stuff.

sean frohman

The first post ever on your WordPress blog is by default is the current one (Hello World!) which is probably horrible for SEO, but suits my needs really well, as all I want to do with this post is introduce myself, to the world.

I’m 33 year old techie who is entirely self taught. I wanted to go to college, but I felt it would slow down the creative process, because I wanted to learn much more than any one person could sit with me and teach.

I consumed every book I could on the topic, and began charging the bare minimum to practice. I did fairly well at the beginning, but then something happened that had never happened before. I got hit with a wall in the middle, called real life. Real life technology quickly revealed itself to be much more simultaneously complex and fragile than I had ever imagined.

People had problems that none of the books had answers to. Search engines didn’t exist (initially) and when they did, the answers didn’t really start to get easy to find until 2012!

Over almost 20 years from building machines, to programming them, I’ve picked up a lot more than anyone I’ve seen, and can do much more than many that I know. I am in a league of my own with actual reputation management, for example, with 20 customers erased from Google, and happy about it.

But I feel it’s time to give away most of that knowledge, so I want to start this blog to get people interested in managing their own sites, servers, and more. Maybe start a blog, or get a business online, all for $60 a year because you can do it yourself!

See you soon

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Author: Sean

I specialize in everything tech. Since I was 11 I was building servers and coding. I remove / suppress Google results, custom web design, SEO, SEM. I live with my girlfriend, dog, and 2 cats. :)

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