Getting started with web design, with no knowledge of HTML or coding (Part 0)

How does one go about getting their own website up and running, without hiring someone else?

Today, and in most situations, if you need a website you hire an individual who you delegate your design theory to, and then pay that individual for their services. You may also have to pay them for updates, etc. If you are looking to promote a business and don’t want to be bothered digging in, even I offer these services, and was the original intent of this website.

Another option, depending on your needs, is a drag and drop subscription service like GoDaddy’s built in web design software, or Google’s, or If you were building a store you may use shopify, or volusion to host your store, and then you don’t have to know any code to actually have the website.

The problem this creates, is you have no actual CONTROL over your site, especially in the most important aspects of it, which is how it appears in search engines, and the content offered by ‘one click’ solutions is useless when trying to be unique, or rank higher than others to gain new customers.

Not to mention expense. Plans for these websites start at $5 a month and go up for every feature you want to add. And then all you receive is a website. Where is the SEO? Where is the speed optimizations? SSL? Probably costs much more to do what you would really need, but a website is a website right? Definitely not, and for $5 a month, you could have much more control than what Google, GoDaddy, and every other hosting company offers, and most of it is free. No coding required.

So how does it work?

The first thing we need to look at is how a website works. It’s very simple really. A computer (or a portion of one really) is rented out to you, which then is attached to a domain name, and that’s it.

If you choose to host your own website, you would pay $12 for the domain, and (no kidding) $4.20 a month (that’s it) to get much, much, much more control and feature filled content than you could imagine.

How is this possible?

It’s all part of my blog series helping people learn to create and manage their own web servers without the need for anyone’s help, and without any tech support to bother, you run the show. No coding required.

Coming soon….

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