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I offer credit repair services to those in Connecticut, but also all around the country. Fixing your credit is easy, fun, and nothing like whatever those idiots told you it was going to be. And no, if you have 10,000 in debt, you’re not hopeless. We can work out a plan to have you debt free, or just work out a plan to pay them  over time, or we can just start boosting your score regardless of where it is. 200-850 I can move it in the right direction.

My meaures and steps:

  • I take a look at your profile, I do not even need your social, just your login to (free) unless your serious about this, then make an account at Fico Advanced
  • Allow me access to the profiles, I will make an assessment of what you would pay with me, and without me. It may be $800 without me, vvvhand                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  b  e, or it may be cheaper, but either way, I know what I’m doing, and it’s legal unlike the fake disputes that do, they helo you get a car and then their fake tricks fall off and they blame the new car. It’s BS
  • Come up with a game plan
  • Get Paid
  • Go over the game plan, and we get started building GOOD credit while BAD credit gets negotiated and pulled LEGALLY off of the report. When you get 750, we get you a card for like  $5,000+ that never gets used unless paid WITHIN A DAY. These are just small activities (there are 100) that keep you closer to 850 faster.

Part of what I do is educate, and part of what I do is hold your hand. You can’t use you credit unless we speak first. You don’t give your social to anyone, ever. If you do feel the need to send encrypted data, I use bank level encryption, and hackers can never see what you say to me here, or anywhere we communicate. (gmail in the browser is actually insecure!) but we will simply build you a new life, and destroy the old one.

Usually takes about 12-26 weeks to achieve 750+.

Standard fee changes with different credit profiles. If you had NO credit, the cost would be $1,000 for example, and if you had 20 derogatory remarks totalling $40,000 it would be $3000, but in the middle of that can, be more expensive to fix. Usually every 100 points is $1500 for bad credit, and $700 with no credit.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and check out my other services!