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The Future is Here: Exciting Updates, Classes and Events from the School of Machines

How often do you find an educational institution at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and creativity? As we step into the future, this unusual blend is exactly what we need. The School of Machines, a progressive institution based in the cosmopolitan Berlin, is setting the tone as a pioneer in this space, offering a mix of arts and machine intelligence for those who dare to envision beyond the conventional. Our latest updates, programs, and events for 2023 cover intriguing arenas such as 3D-Environments, 3D-Printing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Creative AI and More – What’s New in 2023

As the world continues its headlong rush into digitization, our educational options must keep pace, and the School of Machines excels at this. First up on the slate for 2023, we delve deep into the intriguing world of AI with our comprehensive ‘Creative AI’ program. By offering a practical approach to understanding AI’s numerous applications in today’s world, this program inspires students to explore and leverage this revolutionary technology creatively.

Become a Creator with 3D Printing

From printing prototypes to designing intricate art pieces, 3D printing has become a powerful tool in many industries. For the creatives poised on the cutting edge of technology, our upcoming 3D printing classes offer an opportunity to channel their artistic talent into something tangible. Whether you envision yourself designing custom pieces of jewelry, architectural models, or biological models, our course can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need.

The Virtual Reality of 3D Environments

We live in an era where technology is blurring the lines between reality and imagination. The 3D environment program at the School of Machines allows you to handcraft personalized, immersive worlds with the latest software. This class is perfect for those looking to step into the world of game design, animation, or virtual reality. The possibilities are endless; your creativity is the only limit.

Berlin: The Hub of Technology and Creativity

What better location for such an innovative institution than Berlin, a city that embraces both its history and its push towards the future. Known as a hub for startups and technology, Berlin’s vibrant and creative culture facilитаtes the perfect environment for our students.

As we confront the future head-on, it’s important to ask ourselves: “How can we leverage technology not just as a tool, but as an extension of our own creativity?” The School of Machines responds to this question with a unique, curriculа that merges the worlds of technological innovation and artistic imagination.


Preparing for the future can be overwhelming; the pace of advancement can seem almost frenetic. However, institutions like the School of Machines, which straddle the worlds of creative thought and cutting-edge technology, guide us into the future adeptly. With their range of interesting classes and programs lined up for 2023, we are assured of a captivating exploration of the digital world. Thus, by combining creativity with technology, the answer to the introductory question presents itself – we can tap into technology’s vast potential and use it to envisage and create our exciting future!