Building a website from scratch – Part One

Buying the domain (the .com or TLD as it’s called)

The first thing we need to do to prepare ourselves to build a website from scratch, is get our debit or credit card ready, because today we need to spend $12 to buy our domain. Shortly after we will be buying the hosting package to allow us to host oru files, which we will attach to the domain, but for now, we have to get the domain.

We are going to go with Google Domains. If you already own the domain, you need to switch your domain to Google for this tutorial to work properly.

So head on over to and let’s get the domain!

You’ll be presented with this page here, so type in the domain you want, and click to do the search.

Step One Buying Domain

Which will bring you here –

Step One Buying the domain

Click the cart icon next to your chosen domain (we prefer .com for SEO and marketing reasons, but it’s totally up to you). It will get added to your cart, and you can check out right there, make sure to add the free privacy protection, your screen should look like this –

Checkout step one buying the domain scratch

After you’re done, you are now the proud owner of a new domain. But where do we put it?

Well, we have to first manage the domains from our overview, which would look like this, and we will hit DNS on the left hand side menu –


and then…


Which will bring you to the final step in buying the domain, which is changing the name servers to point to the host we will be paying $6 a month for.


Copy, and paste the following 2 name servers, each into their own field, as shown above (there is a small + sign on the right side of the bar)

And….. that’s it. Technically, if you set the domain to auto renew on your credit card, you never have to come back to this page ever again. Forever.

Now, off we go to step 2. Buying the Hosting Package. 🙂