Bolster, creator of the CheckPhish phishing tracker, raises $14M led by Microsoft’s M12 | TechCrunch

Combating Phishing: Bolster Raises $14 Million In Fight Against Malicious Email Links

Have you ever received an email that seemed interesting, maybe from your favorite professional service or an online retailer you trust, only to find out that the link within it was impartial? If so, you are not alone. Phishing scams, wherein emails from fraudulent sources present as authentic, are among the most successful in cybercrime. They cunningly trick unsuspecting internet users every day, leading them to malicious sites that can steal personal information, install malware and create a wealth of problems.

The Dire Issue of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams have been in existence for quite some time, and over the years, they have grown more sophisticated and harder to detect. Potentially legitimate-looking emails compel recipients to click on equally “authentic” links, which then expose them to dangers lurking in the unseen corners of the internet.

These seemingly innocent-looking emails are anything but, and they continue to be alarmingly effective in duping internet users worldwide. This is indeed a nefarious problem and requires immediate and effective solutions. Can you guess what could be a potential game-changer?

Bolster’s Fight Against Phishing

In response to this growing threat, Bolster, the creator of CheckPhish, has risen to the occasion. CheckPhish is a phishing tracker that helps to identify deceptive links in emails and offers protection against this menacing form of cybercrime. And their solution just got a significant boost. They successfully raised $14 million in funding, led by Microsoft’s venture fund, M12, propelling them to the forefront of the battle against phishing.

The Game-Changing Potentials of Bolster’s CheckPhish

With the newly acquired funds, Bolster has the opportunity to further develop CheckPhish’s abilities, making it an even more effective tool in the fight against phishing. Their goal is not simply to detect and protect against existing threats, but to preemptively identify potential threats before they arise, thereby providing a more comprehensive shield against phishing attacks for users.

Can you imagine what it would be like to receive an email and instantly know if it’s genuine or harmful simply by letting a tool scan it? That’s precisely what Bolster aims to achieve!

Conclusion: A Guess into the Future of Internet Safety

While the fight against phishing and other forms of cybercrime is far from over, the steps taken by companies like Bolster, supported by tech giants like Microsoft, give us a glimmer of hope. Through continued investment and growth in cybersecurity, we can foresee a future where internet users can navigate their emails and the wider web more safely.

The progress made by Bolster with its CheckPhish tool and the recent round of funding is a promising step towards this goal. My guess—this venture might just mark the beginning of a new era in ensuring online safety.