AMD fails to win me over with the new Ryzen CPU lineup

In a world where the Raspberry Pi complete with case, mouse, and keyboard is $120, and functions as a full desktop, the day of Core i7, i9, and Ryzen Zen2 and + seem to be needing a huge boost nowadays. 7nm seemed to be the answer.

At first, I assumed the hype train was way too big. Intel has been struggling with the 10nm process, and hadn’t exactly made it public just after releasing it’s 14nm architecture, which as of now, is still the current rendition. The Core series as well as Pentium, and Celeron are currently in 9th gen, with 10th gen slated for late 2019 early 2020.

However the current ‘main contender’ of the Intel CPU lineup is the i9-9900k. For $100 more than a i7-9700k with HALF the usable threads (8 vs i9’s 16) you can own a CPU, that runs at 5.0 Ghz out of the box with single core Turbo Frequency, which we all know runs exceedingly well when needed. After all, 80% of our software still uses a single core for most operations. And we all know the average consumer, or even power users rarely need the multi-core support other than for simple multitasking (which my Dual Core i5-5 series from 2015 does just fine).

AMD as of July 7th of 2019 has released some of the mainstream $99-$499 CPUs intent on proving dominance with the 7nm process, as well as hopefully finally achieving some type of true repuation from the many years of bad AMD taste in people’s mouths from the branding and ‘other’ issues (TLB Glitch anyone?, yes I was a Phenom user).

And I have to add, the thermal designs and the power usage with going to 7nm was underwhelming at best. We still see large power draw, and hot devices.

These CPUs underwhelm. They absolutely seem to dominate when you get to a number of cores no one needs yet. 8-12 simultaneous core scores do great, but a Core i5 for $200 would do better in 90% of situations, unless you are rendering video or multitasking to the extreme (think 3 browsers open with 10 tabs each on 4 monitors running 4k extreme). I have to add, the thermal designs and the power usage with going to 7nm was underwhelming at best. We still see large power draw, and hot devices.

So for 24 thread performance, simply put, you should get last years threadripper for $600. For single core, the i9-9900k is $450 on eBay new from a reputable seller. If you want to do things well, your RAM, SSD, and software optimizations will matter more than cores, really.

And when it boils down to it, the i9-9900k still beats out every CPU with the 5 Ghz single clock in REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE. Benchmarks may look nice, but this is Intel’s LAST GEN CPU in a few months possible, and comet lake, ice lake, whatever will bring a whole new set of benchmarks, although admittedly, I may not be impressed by this as much either.

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