Everyone claims to have the best marketing firm, but how do I know who to choose?

How do I make sure I hire the right marketing firm?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably gotten thousands of ads that claim to be able to do everything from block bad ad clicks, to add customers, to bring you to 6 figures (without knowing at all how much that is to you) and much more. They are grabbing at straws hoping it sounds good to most people, and then they can charge something menial, such as $1000 or “We don’t get paid until you do” lies, before really doing nothing, and adding you to the pile of “businesses we tricked into paying us” of which they reach enough, they can disappear, or rebrand, and start over at any time.

Why not hire one of the firms I see on all the video ads I deal with?

The online marketing SEO scams are everywhere, the Google / Facebook / Tik Tok ads scams are all over Facebook, and everything from claims of AI writing your ads to professionals writing your ads, it just gets to be a bit much. So how do you choose the right marketing firm to deal with?

For starters, dealing with a real person (like me, yes the person typing this, is also the guy who would be promoting your ads across the internet). I help clients in Connecticut mainly, but as a real person, you could be in California, and it doesn’t change my ability to run your ads, it just changes the dynamic. You get a CELL PHONE number, not an office number. You deal with a person who spends his time worried about your deadlines, and uses your money to get you business. I give personal reports, I call you and talk about everyday things, as well as your progress. I’m a Human.

That’s it. It’s all you need. If I know you’re a barber, I’m going to get the $5 web server, set you up with specialized bookings and appointments, and make sure your phone goes DING so you can confirm those appointments, and pricing, and take new customers at 10x the rate you did previously. All because I am a PERSON who will be able to see what you need, and apply it.

Sounds like I should work with someone who I can actually talk to, who’s not just going to be the person I talk to, it’s also the person who does the work…

A firm who has a one size fits all approach will not only miss that completely, they probably won’t make you any money, and who are you going to yell at? The customer service line? They work for 10 companies themselves, and don’t even know which company your mad about until you give them your phone number to get “looked up”.

Why not be called by name? Call me, Sean and let’s get started working together.

Don’t get tricked by someone who wants a truckload of clients, work with someone who generally keeps around 4-5 at a time, and only more when I can comfortably outsource the work to my team, or another route if I am not a fit.

(could you imagine I actually say we’re not a fit, and turn you down? It happens when you’re honest!)

Contact me (us? It’s just the way websites work, you need to put US, so otherwise I would put me) here: C O N T A C T