Why building a website from scratch with WordPress is a must

If you have a website, you undoubtedly pay for the website, but did you know you could be paying less than $4 a month for double the speed, double the features, and more control over your content?

Unmanaged VPS is when you rent out space, about 20 GB on an SSD, complete with a single CPU core, and 512 mb of RAM (not a lot, but a website needs very little when it does not use the traditional methods!

All of this costs $3.50 a month at Vultr.com for example. Pay a similar price, but annually at OVH ($40) for a year of 1 GB of RAM, instead of the 512, which helps!

What’s the catch? The catch is, you don’t get any setup guides, or manuals to do this, so that is why I will be presenting one in the near future. Unmanaged VPS means no one can help you configure anything, but with my explanation, you will only have to copy, paste, and that’s about it. The rest is simple WordPress clicks, and anyone can do that!

More coming soon!

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– Sean