How to get a fully legit copy of Windows 10 Pro for $4

Astonishinly people were slow to adopt Windows 10, despite the fact that it was free, people didn’t want to upgrade. Fast forward a few years, and now everyone needs it. Fortunately, you can get it here, instant delivery

Free Cheap Windows 10 Pro Key Instant
eBay has everything

That’ it, you’ll see 100 keys, pick your price, get as many as you want. And if you need to install Windows 10, just get a flash drive larger than 4GB, and put Windows 10 on it using Microsofts tool, here:

It will automatically download Windows 10 to the USB flash drive, when booting your PC, choose the flash drive, follow the simple prompts (choose custom, and wipe the drive with either format or delete after YOU BACKED EVERYTHING UP) and do NOT enter the key initially, only after the install is done.

Protip: DO NOT CONNECT TO A WIRELESS NETWORK or it will make you sign in with a pin or some bullshit related to your Microsoft account, so choose “I don’t have internet” initially, the rest of the prompts cane be changed later, just not these 2.


Why you need to buy a $10 backup device to possibly save you a million dollars in headaches

What is one the best ways to back-up all my data? Like whatever data? Everywhere?


This is a waterproof 2,000 GB (yes, 2 TERABYTES of data) flash drive small enough to fit on a key-chain, but people tell me they don’t have a way to backup their files. These devices are made in China (like your iPhone, so don’t talk to me about quality) and use technology tried and true to prevent from failing methods. If this device is to be used as a daily time machine backup device, it will work wonders, and it’s way smaller than the insanely large drives, and no spinning drives means if you drop it, it’s not even heavy enough to break (seriously, it basically floats to the ground).
Waterproof usb 3.0 flash drive
Takes 2 weeks to arrive, get 2 and you can have a redundant (2) backup so you never lose your family photos ever. Everything you ever cared about from your baby photos to wedding videos. And the goods news, is that even as we approach HUGE sizes (images taken on a Samsung S10 or iPhone 11 Pro take up 3-5 MB each) this drive will hold up, because even though an image is now the size of a song, and a 2 minute home video (which you should be compressing anyway) can be 100 Mb. With a drive like this, you can hold 20 full length 4k home movies on there, or 800 Extremely high resolution photos in their original quality. Or you could be like me, and have 3 in 3 different colors because just in COMPRESSED videos, I have 1400 GB of my dog, and she just turned 3 so hopefully in 5 years they have 3, and 4 TB drives as cheaply.
Depending on what phone you have, and whether or not all your folders are being properly backed up, your photos are at or
Download them all, get them on here, and hide it in a safe. Same goes for your social media. All your pics are here:
And if you think you may have some photos in your mail, you can just grab ALL of your data from Google and Yahoo here:
Now you have all of the tools to backup your stuff immediately.

How do I use other forms of backup, like online and offline methods that are NOT Flash Drives, and Externals?

I honestly think it’s worth it to purchase Office 365 Home Edition for family, as instead of $69.95 a year for 1 person, it’s $99.95 for 6 (SIX!!!!!!) people, and 3 can be you if you would like. Why, you ask? Because not only do they include legit, fully updated, and awesome versions of their software Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (and more), but they also give you 30 minutes of FREE international calling per month, which is great to find out where your order in China is, but it helps you establish business SEO to have a separate international Skype #.
But wait, there’s more.

They also offer 1,000 GB of OneDrive storage, which is built into your Windows 10 PC automatically, and will always be from now on, Online Backup Solutions Sean Frohmanand easily integrates with Windows 7 as well, but requires an additional download instead of being ready right out of the box.

By itself, 1000 GB of storage is $99 a year, so why not just get all the office programs for free on top of it instead of getting some old sketchy or outdated version prone to hacks and uselessness. Office synced with MS servers makes a much better experience. Calendars, etc I can go on forever, but the point is an online backup like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive make it so an online backup of a computer can be easy, simple, and fun.

Google Drive Pricing However you have to trust Microsoft won’t lose your data (no chance, but who knows? There’s a first time for everything) you have to trust them with your data, which worked out real well for Jennifer Lawrence trusting Apple’s iCloud, and that’s a company that makes some of the tightest security in the world. Even getting into an iPhone to do things without Apple’s permission is called a JAILBREAK because your data SHOULD be that secure, but for poor Jen, it wasn’t.

So online backups are great, and even this flash drive can fail (buy 2, keep 2 copies of data, etc) but there is only ONE way to GUARANTEE that your data isn’t lost, and that’s by having 2 things. 1.) MORE THAN 2 BACKUPS, not copies, BACKUPS. So probably 3-4 copies total.

2.) BURN IT TO BLU-RAY OR DVD, (CDs only hold 700 mb which is like 200 pics)

Sizes of different disc based storage media, but remember, DVDs will definitely be readable in 50 years, I’m not so sure about Blu-ray, as streaming seems to have killed the storage type before it ever took off, and DVD took off a long time ago, they won’t stop making DVD Externals for 10 more years, and if they did, I would just upgrade to the new disc! Just like when USB 4 comes out, we buy that drive, and so on.

  • CD – 700 MB
  • DVD – 4,700 MB (4.7 GB)
  • DL-DVD (dual layer) 9,200 MB (9.2 GB)
  • Blu-ray (BD-ROM) 24.5 GB
  • Double layer Blu-ray (DL/BD-ROM) – 49 GB

With discs, they can only lose data if they get damaged, and with a DVD holder, adding to your photo album is as easy as dropping a disc in the case.

Now, you’ll never have to worry about losing anything ever again! EVER!

As always, this is Sean, and you can always contact me at at any time, and if you need help, that’s what I am here for!

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Next stop, compressing our videos, burning better discs, how to use online backups properly, and more!

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Screencastify – Video File Location for Local Save Files

Screencastify would have you believe you can’t access your vids, but you can. The objects and videos are stored in:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\000\p\00

You may have to “Show hidden files and folder” if you want to navigate to it manually, otherwise, just replace YOURUSERNAME with your Windows username for that folder on the profile in which you used screencastify to record local videos instead of Google drive.

After you get the 00 folder it will look like this:

Screencastify Local Video Location
Screencastify Local Video Location

All of those are video files, and the easiest way to “right click” open with, with VLC media player, or by installing codecs, and right clicking the file and using the video player of your choice. My choice is K Lite Codecs, (just hit SERVER 1) which comes with Media Player Classic x64 (MPC) and I use that to watch all of my screencastify content.