The best in class in customer acquisition

I’ve spent over 20 years in technology, leveraging and utilizing the best and most efficient ways to bring customers to businesses all around the United States. I operate out of Connecticut, but have clients in Canada, California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and of course, all over Connecticut.

Beginning my path in server development, and management, I learned to deploy cost effective, yet monumental online profiles for businesses ranging from restaurants, mechanics, attorneys, roofing contractors, a major national cleaning franchise, as well as websites and a web presence for musical artists, IPTV companies, survey companies, and everyday people who own and operate their businesses using online leads and customer driven ads.

What is Best in Class? What can someone expect when hiring a marketing firm?

Marketing is an investment. To show the world who you are, both on your own, and in comparison to others in the area, or online, as well as give you, and your brand, identity. When using DIY marketing tools like monthly CRM or “Funnels” or “Landing Pages” you’re being sold buzzwords that make you no better than any other person with a website and some free time. When you need a lot of customers, and need a high ROI, it’s fairly difficult (and often time consuming) to do it on your own, and get the real results you want. You should be spending your time growing your business through work, not looking for work.

A high end marketing firm that will run your social media pages, your Google / Bing / Facebook / TikTok ads, as well as provide a website, and other crucial online presence and branding tools, can cost you a very large amount of money, but you might get back 300% monthly on your output. If you find a company that is doing this for you, you’re doing good, and you don’t need to move any further, unless you feel there’s more to be made.

I work with a few dedicated team members I hired to perform specific parts of the job with me for every client. We work together to develop a plan that not only remains cost effective, but still gives that heavy ROI that allows you to double, or triple down with us the following months, as you begin to expand because of the sheer number of new customers I can bring to your product or business.

Sean Frohman Marketing Spade Media

What is it we do for our customers?

Our marketing approach is based solely around customer acquisition, and we do so at a fraction of the cost of other marketing firms. We get purpose driven results that are customized to your business, and do not offer a one size fits all solution, because your business is not like anyone else’s, so why would your marketing be?

We do more than ads, we completely overhaul every technical aspect of the brand itself. Whether you already have a system, or need one, I can make it happen. Within a week we will have a strong grasp on what needs to be done, within a few weeks we will have done it, and within a few short months, we begin to see the gradual yet steady increase income as we bring in more customers than ever before.

What do I have to do to get started?

The first thing you have to do, is collect any and all branding and marketing materials you have, content, logos, trademarks, website content, and anything else you already have, and make sure it’s all easily accessible. We may be able to help with this if needed. Then CALL ME!

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