Sean Frohman Headshot ;)Welcome! I’m Sean! I’m in Connecticut, and when it comes to marketing, I am the absolute best. I can get a pizza place 100 more orders a month for $200 a month, I can get an insurance salesman a 401k rollover referral on a commission, I can launch your brand, refine your brand, or promote you, and your brand, however you want, Need to viral your YouTube video? Need 1000 Twitter likes? A dedicated server setup for your app? An APP? 😀

I love helping people, and you may not have to pay me anything, just hit that contact button, or maybe just share this page to Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else so your friends who need help! Why not!!!

I’m here, and I am the best when it was marketing. No question, 🙂

This is my home page, it provides links to my content around the internet, it’s also faster than most people’s websites because when I get bored I speed my site, and so therefore you landed here for some reason, probably Google. Unless you’re looking for a computer / web specialist from Connecticut // New York, or plain old need to get your business off of the ground (or further), contact me!


PC Store: PCLane.comSEO Purple





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I have 20 years of experience with Linux, Windows, Mac, hacking, algorithms, adwords, and everything in between. I can get anything done, and FAST.

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