Building a website from scratch – Part Three

Connecting your domain to your hosting package

Continued from step 2

The first step to connect your domain to your hosting package was done back in step one when we pointed our nameservers to point to in the first place.

It should look like this under > DNS on left side menu under nameservers already (if you followed step one, skip this)


If you already did this, then I want you to head over to your control panel at and find the menu called DNS, but before you do, make sure to open a separate tab, also opened to your server.

1st tab should be a list of your server(s), we will click DNS here to attach the domain to the hosting package


2nd tab should be your server itself

We will get the IP address by clicking copy, and then settings afterward

copy then settings

Make note of your IP, and make sure it is copied.

In your first tab, after you clicked DNS, you should see this screen:


When you click ADD DOMAIN, you will enter your domain, followed by the ipv4 address assigned to your server


And then Vultr will go ahead and add records for your domain, and you will be almost done, your IP address is now connected via DNS through (this can take up to 24 hours, but in most cases it’s instant.

As you can see all of our records (except for AAAA LEAVE THIS TAB OPEN)


Let’s go back to the other tab we have open with SETTINGS from the server, which should look like this:

The first thing we want to do is change the reverse DNS to your domain (above on the right), and then we want to go to the ipv6 screen, which is here (below)


On this page, you want to copy this long number underlined, and paste it right below itself in the reverse DNS field, and enter your domain (yes again) into the other field, and save it so it looks like above. And then we want to take that long number we just copied back to the AAAA field in our other tab, and paste it, but change the value from 3600 to 300


This screen again, yeah. So just change TTL to 300 and press enter, and your DNS should be perfect. And this nightmare is over.

Go back and reboot your server.


Then we proceed to the next step, step 4, which outlines how to install VirtualMin, a web interface that will allow us to create emails, get SSL, and create our website!